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Wayne Dalton idrive Garage Door Opener Info.

wayne dalton idrive garage door opener

Two Models

  • Torquemaster idrive - designed specifically for use with Wayne Dalton garage doors with the TorqueMaster™ System.
  • Torsion idrive -designed for use with standard garage doors with torsion systems.

Wayne-Dalton's idrive™ opener completely redefines how homeowners interact with their garage. It's not just an opener with some fancy new bells and whistles. It's a complete redesign of how an opener works with your garage door. By connecting directly to the TorqueMaster™ spring tube, it actually becomes part of the garage door, turning it into a true door and opener system that works together hand-in-hand.

The first time the idrive™ unit opens and closes the door, its microprocessor learns your door's normal safe path of operation. This becomes a benchmark to measure and sense the forces taking place each time the door moves. With this feature, the whole system is very sensitive to any force created by an obstruction in the path of the door.

Because of this, and the safety features controlled by its revolutionary computer technology, a idrive™ opener combined with a pinch-resistant door is the first ever door and opener system to be listed by UL. And as an added bonus, this design eliminates the bulky opener rail stretched across your garage, the need for photoeye sensors that can easily be kicked out of alignment, and just flat out looks better than conventional openers.

This product is no longer manufactured.  To get repair parts for your idrive garage door opener visit our other website

Maximum Safety:

  • UL Listed - Wayne-Dalton is the first and only Manufacturer to earn the new UL 1998 Listing Mark for garage door openers.
  • Integrated Operating System - The opener does not exert a "driving" force on the door to close it, as with typical openers. Instead, it actually senses any unusual force as the door moves. This highly-sensitive design creates a system that provides the maximum in garage door safety, thereby avoiding injury to family, friends, pets, or damage to vehicles.
  • Elimination of photo eyes - When idrive™ is used with a pinch resistant door, photo eyes are not required by federal law. This is because idrive™ technology literally changes the entire door into a reversing mechanism so that no matter what part of the door is obstructed, it will reverse. It is too easy for photo eyes to become misaligned or damaged, thus rendering their safety feature useless. That can be dangerous.
  • Door Closing Delay Button - Gives the user 10 seconds to exit the garage safely before the door starts to close.
  • Active Door Position Sensing Capability - Constantly monitors position of moving door in case a quick reversal is necessary.
  • Electronic Systems Monitoring - Automatically monitors for operating malfunctions, alerts homeowner with a flashing light.

Maximum Security:

  • Secure Locking - The idrive™ opener makes forced entry nearly impossible as it has an automatic door lock. At the end of every door close cycle, the motor rotates down into a locked position on the garage door. If an attempt is made to lift the door, its weight causes an out-of-balance condition to the springs, rotating the motor even tighter against the door.
  • Rolling Access Codes - The idrive™ opener uses sophisticated rolling code technology to prevent code stealing. Every time you operate your opener, it resets the access code. With literally billions of combinations, it is virtually impossible for a thief to steal your code and break into your home with a code-grabbing device.
  • Energy-Efficient Security Light - Automatically lights when the opener is activated. Stays on for five minutes for safer, easier entry into the garage and home.

Energy-Efficient Security Light

Maximum Convenience:

wayne-dalton idrive security light
  • Super Quiet Operation - The idrive™ unit is not mounted to the ceiling so it doesn’t transmit noise and vibration directly to any room above. Since no chains or screw drives are utilized, quiet reaches a whole new level as many of the mechanical parts that create noise on conventional openers are eliminated. A special motor and gear train mechanism helps reduce noise further.
  • Elimination of photo eyes - When idrive™ is used with a pinch resistant door, photo eyes are not required by federal law. This is because idrive™ technology literally changes the entire door into a reversing mechanism so that no matter what part of the door is obstructed, it will reverse. It is too easy for photo eyes to become misaligned or damaged, thus rendering their safety feature useless. That can be dangerous.
  • Streamlined Design - Since the unit is mounted directly to the spring shaft, there is no unsightly rail stretched across your garage. Also, if your garage has ceiling beam support interference, you won't have to cut ceiling joists to attach the rail, as in the case with other openers.
  • HomeLink Compatible - The idrive™ opener is compatible with any HomeLink system so that you won’t miss a beat if your vehicle is equipped with this popular door opening device.
  • Soft Start/Soft Stop Control - Rarely found in other openers, this control smoothly opens the door as it starts, and gently lowers the door as it closes. This feature greatly decreases wear and tear on the door, and eliminates noises due to jolting starts and closes.
  • Automatic Travel Limit - The system will automatically compensate for changes in temperature and floor level variations to allow the door to seal properly. This eliminates having to adjust the door yourself.
  • Programmable Pet Opening Button - Opens the door to a pre-selected height between 6" and 30" to allow pets to easily move in and out. This feature is also beneficial for garage ventilation.
keyless wireless keypad  doormaster

Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad

wireless wall station doormaster

Five-Function Wireless Wall Station

Maximum Reliability:

mini remote control idrive doormaster

3-Button Remote-Control Transmitter

  • Less Moving Parts - idrive™ has over 50% less parts that conventional openers, which means better performance and less chance of mechanical breakdown.
  • Better Warranty - Wayne-Dalton is so confident that idrive™ will keep on performing for you that the motor has a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your home.
  • No Operator Arm - Because idrive™ connects to the spring tube and not the door itself, there is no need to attach an operator arm to the top section. Over time, this saves much wear and tear on the door section and hinges to help avoid potential damage to the door and give it a longer performance life.
torque master

idrive™ installed on door with TorqueMaster™ System

TorqueMaster™ system

An industry first, the TorqueMaster™ counterbalance system helps prevent injuries that can be caused by the exposed springs generally used on garage doors. These springs contain a significant amount of force - approximately 44 inch-pounds per turn. The torsion spring on a 7-foot-high garage door typically has 16 turns, translating to 704 inch-pounds of force contained in the spring. The TorqueMaster™ system shields springs - and their dangerous force - safely inside a steel tube.
Because the springs are enclosed in galvanized steel, the TorqueMaster™ is not only safer, it looks better, too. Another safety feature of the TorqueMaster™ is that the springs cannot be accessed by anyone unless all the tension is relieved. Lifting cables are aircraft-grade steel. Five times stronger than necessary.
Even installation is safer. Once the door is set, the installer simply winds the springs by using a variable speed screw gun or electric drill. This is radically different from other counterbalance systems. Torsion springs have to be dangerously wound with a steel rod -- and with extension springs, the door has to be manually lifted into the horizontal track before assembly can begin.
Another feature of the TorqueMaster™ system is that the enclosed springs are pre-lubricated, which eliminates some maintenance requirements and helps protect the system from corrosion

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